himi #1 – suncrest snow dusting


This photo was taken on my way home from work. During construction of the freeway, I would sometimes get off and take the ‘scenic’ way home. I knew this way was 20 minutes and I also knew that staying on the freeway meant 20-60 min. So I opted for the guaranteed time of the alternate route.

This way home has amazing views of the valley when the clouds are high. The day I took this photo, however, the clouds were low and moving in on the mountain and snow had just dusted the scrub oak and side hills. It looked amazing! I was trying to find a place to stop to snag a picture and finally found a good place on the side of the road. I took a few of the side hill and some pine trees, which were fine but I wanted something better. I ended up hiking up the side hill to where I found the tall grass that was still standing in the snow. The clouds were just now reaching where I was, so I framed it up and snapped the photo.

This photo actually inspired the color scheme of this website. I love the crisp and clean colors and how it reminds me of the cool air I breathed in as I was taking the photo.

equipment and edits

I took it with my iPhone, and with the amazing light, I really didn’t have to apply many edits. I used Snapseed to make minor exposure and sharpness changes but mainly left it as taken.

what I would do different (if I could)

The only thing I wish I would have done better was ensuring I had sharp focus through the entire photo. It was difficult to do this because I wanted to be close to the grass and with the low f-stop in the iPhone, I had to let parts of the image be blurry.

Overall it was a fun photo to take – on the hillside in the first snow of the season!

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